One of the things we enjoy most is to see the delight and amazement during the reveal.  This satisfied client provided the following testimonial about her dining room redesign experience.
What was your initial reaction to the room(s)? Initially, I was pleasantly surprised.  Beforehand, I only knew about the furniture pieces.  The decorative items, drapes, were handpicked by Rita & Debbie and look wonderful.
How did the redesign improve the functional and visual appeal of the room(s)? The room looks like it belongs in a magazine. It is beautiful!  I feel proud when visitors come over, not embarrassed as before the redesign.
How well did our services meet your needs? Extremely Well
How would you rate the value of the service? Excellent
How likely is it that you would recommend Tarragona Designs to a friend or colleague?: Extremely likely

Carrie Kuchar-Austin, TX


My reaction to the redesigned dining room was Perfection!  The room is much more open, light & refreshing-a breath of fresh air and a space I love spending time in.  My 31 and 35 year old sons had the most noticeable reaction and I will of course recommend  Tarragona Design services to others.

Shirley Sturdivant-Austin, TX

What was your initial reaction to the room?  Surprised by how much I loved it 🙂
How did the consultation, redesign and/or organization improve the functional use of the room? This wasn’t about changing functionality. It was all about making it look pretty-also loved the whole color shift towards a calmer, more peaceful space.
Which member of your family had the most noticeable reaction? This was all for me! I live with 3 boys 🙂
Will you recommend Tarragona Designs, LLC services to others?  Definitely!
Please note any additional comments.
-Thought the overall value for $ spent was awesome!  Paying for you to shop was totally worth it.
-Liked how you let me be as involved as I wanted.
-Loved the redesign concept!
-Great mix of nicer pieces mixed with value finds!
-Overall, you made the entire process very easy and doable.  Love the end result.

Sara Marzani-Austin, TX


I just wanted to say thank you again for working with me regarding my client’s staging consultation. They loved you and so did I. 🙂 You have fantastic ideas and your approachable and caring demeanor really puts sellers at ease and helps them open up to your suggestions. It truly was a pleasure to work with you.

Keith Sommer-REALTOR

What was your initial reaction to the room? I loved the overall effect! Happiness! Relief!

How did the consultation, redesign and/or organization improve the functional use of the room? Rita takes the time to listen to what needs to be accomplished by the redesign.  While the end result is always pretty, the rooms also have flow that assist with function, makes use of available light, and identifies locations for storage.

Which member of your family had the most noticeable reaction? My youngest son particularly loved the playroom design; However, my daughter also identified that room as one she could use for studying.

Will you recommend Tarragona Designs, LLC services to others?  Yes!

Please note any additional comments. Rita is so good at making a room come to life with its true purpose, but she is also very conscience about budget. She is so great at bargain shopping when that is needed.

Kathy Smith - Austin, TX (August 2015)

Dear Rita, We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful transformation you did to our home.  We love every room! After 9 years of living in this house, we finally feel like we are getting the most use out of all the rooms, not to mention that they all look beautiful and perfectly match our style. The kids love hanging our in their new rooms, too. From all of us-THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have been blessed with a terrific eye of design.


Kristen Bridgeman-Austin, TX

I was very pleased with your work and your pricing.  You did a great job, thank you so much and yes I’m sure we will be working together in the future.


Cathy Mitchell, Design Realty

Once again – really great work.  I was sitting on the couch having a drink last night and I’ve never felt more at home.  Love the space.

Tyson Culver-Austin, TX

Amazing! Everything Rita puts together is flawless! She has an amazing eye & is a pleasure to work with. We started from scratch and both my husband and son were very impressed with the reveal. We will definitely be recommending Tarragona Designs !

Liz Waldman, Austin, TX

We really love all the work you did with our house. It looks great. We can’t stop admiring it. Even if we could have had all the time in the world it would never look as good. Can’t wait to work on other rooms in the future.

Lynn and Jeff Waldman
Austin, TX

I’ve had a couple of days working in my new office. In spite of the fact that I’m finishing up my tax return, which I hate, I love the configuration and what you did. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to some of the finishing touches when the built in cabinet is completed. I’d be happy to enthusiastically recommend you to any future customers. Thanks

Arnie Schaffer
Austin, TX

Our initial response to the staging that Tarragona Designs completed in our home was great. It was warm and inviting and the realtors who came through were impressed. I would recommend Tarragona Designs again as it really added warmth to an empty house. It had been on the market for numerous months and sold in 4 days after the staging.

Sondra Blanford
Driftwood, TX

Our newly redesigned living room looks like we walked into a design magazine. It looks ‘finished’, not just a random assortment of things collected over the years. My husband definitely loved it the minute he saw it. Rita is awesome to work with – we were pleased with her time and well thought-out design choices. We would absolutely recommend her and will be calling her soon for our next design project.

Rachel and Ari Berman
Austin, TX

My husband and I moved into a home about 2 years ago and although we purchased furniture for the home, we never felt as if the interior decorating aspect of the home was complete. Rita identified some great ideas and transformed our home into a beautiful place to live. We appreciate all the time and effort that she took to transform our home and we highly recommend her to come in and transform your home.

Nancy and Gail Himebaugh
Austin, TX

Thank YOU, Rita! We are so thrilled with the redesign! Mac was really blown away by it when he came home! You’ve been wonderful to work with and we’ll definitely recommend you wholeheartedly to our friends.

Ross and Mac McLeod
Austin, TX

For years, I attempted (and somewhat enjoyed) to decorate my home.  While it looked “nice” for the most part, it never really came together or had a finished look.  I’d buy something and then take it back, buy something else, take that back, etc. etc. After interviewing several designers, I was confident that Rita was the right person for the job.  She was professional, courteous, approachable, CREATIVE & understanding.  She included us in the entire process and even helped find ways to save us money.  When I saw the rooms during the reveal it was just what I wanted, but never could have imagined on my own! All the rooms that have the “Rita touch” in my home are gorgeous. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend Rita to anyone looking for professional design services.

Debbie and John Campsmith
Austin, TX

If your plans include a home remodeling, I would like to give a very strong recommendation for our general contractor, Kevin Johnson and our interior designer, Rita Droege Lopez. They just completed a four-month, custom house remodeling project for us, and we are just thrilled with the results. Kevin and Rita and their team delivered an extremely high-quality end product at a reasonable cost. Beyond that, we found it very easy and fun to work with them as we transformed our home.

Dr. Stephen Kramer and Steven Olivares
Austin, TX

Rita has adeptly staged a number of homes where I represented the sellers. Both my clients and I have been consistently amazed with the difference her staging has made in marketing their homes. I have seen her stage a home with relatively nice furnishings and in good condition and I thought there wouldn’t be that big a difference. I was astonished with how much better she made it look through editing and rearranging. I’ve also seen her create an inviting atmosphere in a home with little to no décor, a few dated furnishings and a minimal budget. I’m convinced that her staging has contributed to quicker sales and higher prices paid when her staging services were utilized. When I can, I will use her on all my listings.

Susan Patterson, Keller Williams
Austin, TX

Wow, our rooms are stunning and our home looks like a model home. It was exactly what we had envisioned. Amazing! Rita has the gift of understanding your personality, taking your vision, repurposing what you have, adding a few accents here and there to make your home look stunning, warm and inviting. We have already recommended her to friends and neighbors.

Ment and Angie Morris
Austin, TX

What Tarragona Designs performed was a miracle. In a matter of a couple days my house was transformed into something that not only reflects the look I was going for, but my home is now something that I can be proud of; not just “liking” my home, but proud of it and proud to have people over. The house is warm, comfortable and inviting. It’s like a model home. Our Redesigner, Rita’s knack for color coordination, arrangements, selection of furniture/lamps, etc., re-use of existing artifacts and collectibles, staying on budget, quickness and getting it all “just right” is World Class. I still don’t know how she got so much accomplished each day while I was at work. Each room was perfect when I arrived for the “unveiling”. Just amazing. Only one regret…..why didn’t I do this, years ago. Thank you so much.

Jim Snover
Anaheim Hills, CA

Tarragona Designs transformed my new house into a beautiful, warm and inviting home at an affordable cost. Having her re-decorate and re-arrange every room in my house – including re-organizing my walk-in closet and garage has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would never have come up with the arrangements and ideas that she created based on my preference of style, color, comfort and functionality. Rita’s expertise, energy and creativity skills are endless and I have enjoyed working with her throughout the entire project! And, I will keep her coming back to update, too!

Linda New
Austin, TX

Rita has redesigned a number of rooms for us now and I love the way our things suddenly worked together as far as function, space and color. We also love how soothing and homey everything feels. I actually feel my comments can’t really express just what a beautiful, restful and truly home-like place our house is. I feel very lucky Rita was recommended to me and I won’t hesitate to do the same.

Dr. Carola Zalles
Chrystal Falls, TX

Rita is incredible! She came in and transformed my home into a beautiful place that really reflects who we are and how we want to live. She’s creative, respectful and a true professional. I’d recommend her again and again!!

Melanie Sommer
Austin, TX