Welcome to Tarragona Designs, where we can help you create beautiful living spaces, make your home and life more comfortable. Whether you are staging a home for sale, just moved in or simply want to update your style, Tarragona Designs can help you reach your vision.

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Move In Decorating

Sometimes starting fresh is the way to go. This return client moved back to Austin and contacted Tarragona Designs to help put together her living room and bedroom. Call us to learn more about our move in decorating services.

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Children’s Room Clean Up

This client was ready to put their home on the market to sell but needed some quick help to tidy and stage the children’s rooms. What a difference! School is about to start-do you need some assistance getting your children’s rooms clean & organized so that the new school year can run smoothly? Contact Tarragona Designs…..finding balance, one room at a time.

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High Pointe Home Sold In 12 Days!

Tarragona Designs staged this home in Dripping Springs and it sold in less than 2 weeks. From the realtor “This was a large vacant home that needed to be staged and furnished to provide a warm look. The Tarragona Designs staging most definitely helped to sell it quickly, I would recommend TD!”

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Living Room Redesign

In less than 3 weeks, Tarragona Designs created a brand new space for this client. This young family of 5 wanted a fresh and updated look for their new home in Dripping Springs. Tarragona Designs added all of the right touches to beautifully transform the living room from traditional to contemporary. Result? Another satisfied customer!

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Same Furniture-New Look!

Sometimes not getting rid of your furniture, but reupholstering it is all you need. Benefits include cost savings, style change and allows you to keep high quality items.

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